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Budding friendship

Shall I call you my friend
Will you stay until the end

A chance meeting and shared interest
Could I have found the very best
Will you come at my behest
Or shall I join you and leave the rest

Though we may spend time apart
It is a bond forged in mind and heart
A sacred trust, many words left unsaid
Lead with your heart, not with your head

As you hurt, my being aches with you
I empathize, see what you are going through
I listen, do not judge, and try to understand
I will be there to lend a helping hand

On our path lies an obstacle we face together
Am I in the wrong or do I need to forgive her
Who or what is to blame, does it really matter
Do we choose here and now or instead forever

Are you not my friend
Has this become the end

My heart bleeds rain

The wet pavement is my only friend
In the dark I wander to no end
Muzzled footsteps on the path
My heart has felt the wrath
Of the words that pierced my soul
Oh how I wish for days of ol’

The rain dripping on my face
Hides the tears I must erase
My heart is wrenched
My love unquenched
My emotions have been through the wringer
With all my might, I still cannot win her

This ache, this need, this love unrequited
My desire for you abounds, yet uninvited
Unwelcomed. Undone, I have become
My adulation is an orphan without a home
A friend forever I thought I had
A fragile flower, wilted and sad

My heart bleeds rain
I feel the pain
Nothing to gain
I love in vain
My heart bleeds rain

Ode to a wail

My life will be forever touched by the shoulder of a girl.
Her gentle eyes hide the depths of her ocean.
A sweet abyss is all I ask. A wail, a whale.
Her words gently caress my mind.
Implanting thoughts, I never thought.
Oh woe is me, oh whale is her, oh wail is me.
I want to be her fathom but no longer hide behind the mask.
An opera, an aria, but I cannot sing.
I only wail, I only ail, to find the whale.

I am lost at sea, drifting.
Compass me, encompass me.
My mind wonders, my body wanders.
Where is that tail? What is her tale? I need detail.
I ail. I wail. Eye Whale. Aye wail.
At sea, I see the one I want to be.
I hope she sees it two, I woo, Oh who?
The wail of course, the tale off course.

What words will she invent?
What is her true intent?
Has she been heaven sent?
Am I so hell bent?
Baleine, baleen, ball in
For it is just a game.
I know her name.
But will never be the same.